Anonymous asked: Have you watched asian f yet? what did you think about him saying to his mom that he didnt want to be a harvard surgeon or a lawyer? Oddly enough this made me think of you and how you're such an amazing artist, and whether you felt that you should be doing that as a profession instead. Don't know why my train of thought took me there. :P

I caught a bit of it briefly so I know the part you’re on about. Mrs Chang is a legend - (can I say?) much like my own mother. Thank you for the compliment :) I’ve been very lucky in that I never felt any pressure from my parents to live out their dreams. My siblings and I have always been encouraged to do what we want, which, I think, is reflected in all of us picking different career paths, some science-based and some arts-based. My mother is an artist, and I love my painting, sculpture, music, you name it… but as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to do medicine. It’s what I love doing, even if it is 5am and I’m sat on my tod in work!! :)

2 notes, October 6, 2011