Conjunto universo


Conjunto universo

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Dianna Agron, but you can call me Charlie.: Last night.....


Last night at Trevor, there was not a dry eye within reach when the family of Jamey Rodemeyer came out to support their brother and son. He was fourteen-years-old, and a victim of bullying. Jamey was a fan of Lady Gaga, he listed her as one of the main reasons he felt whole. Sadly, after consistent torture and bullying, he made a choice that leaves him no longer here with us in body. If it’s never been something you’ve contemplated, think of what it would take for you to feel so helpless that you would consider taking your life? What if your Mother felt that way? Your Father? Brother? Sister? Best friend? How could you wish that upon anyone? Why would you want to be a force of evil when you could be a force of good? If someone has been mean to you, trampled on your heart, be the bigger person. BE LOVE. Do you know what that means? Think about how you can BE LOVE. It is something that is on my mind every day. How can I be more appreciative or thankful? How can I pass on positive affirmations to those around me that so greatly deserve to know…they are special.  Last night, a straight father came up to me with his son, and he proudly exclaimed, “We’re from the Bay Area like you, this is my son, and he just came out!” His son stood next to his sister, smiling, and I felt so happy to see that he was accepted in their family. I know this is not always the case. It is on nights like last night that I am reminded of the extreme gift one is given when they are allowed to be themselves.  If you’ve read this thus far, thank you for giving me your time. I always feel compelled to write about moments in my life like last night, because they make me want to use my voice to tell other people how much these things means to me. And it was so lovely to see all the people that this means so much too. Including “GOD” or “The Wizard” played by the genius that is Amy Poehler, our invisible MC last night. She had everyone “in stitches!” I was so proud of Adam Shankman for recruiting all the amazing and talented people who performed, presented and aided towards the heartwarmingly inspiring night.  We can always LET LOVE IN. Every single day.  If you feel trapped, hurt or confused and need some guidance, THE TREVOR PROJECT is there for you.

Isn’t it strange when something like this is on your mind anyway, and then you read this wonderful post and you can’t get over the timing. Amazing words.

You’re not alone, just look (as hard as you need to) for the people who love you.

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Anonymous asked: Dearest Sophie, may your holidays be filled with love, happiness and fun! Or any goodness wrapped into one. =) M-anon

Hello you, amazing timing, just popped on here quickly and you come along in my inbox - how lovely! :)

Thank you, my love, right back at you in abundance. Have you got anything nice planned for the holidays? I hope you’re well darling. Sending you lots and lots of love and hugs from the UK :) xxxxxxxx

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Audrey, it’s been too long.

Audrey, it’s been too long.

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A very special mix is brought to you today by BidsRoc. Check this out !


1. Usher vs. Twin Sister - Without Kimmi (Mash-up)

2. Iggy Azalea - Treasure Island

3. Lushlife - Adult Goth (feat. Heem)

4. Nacho Picasso - Bad Guy

5. Royal’T TopMC - Members Only (feat. Cities Aviv, Sincere, A Quest, Preauxx)

6. Tyler, the Creator - Jack in the Beanstalk (Phatson Remix)

7. Cities Aviv - Jaguar

8. Asap Rocky - Leaf (feat. Main Attrakionz)

9. Small Black - Two Rivers (feat. Heems)

10. CULTS - Bad Things (feat. Freddie Gibbs)

11. Washed Out - Feel It All Around (feat. Lushlife)

12. ✞dirty ph△rm△ceutic△ls✞ - Gay for Swag

13. Gucci Mane - Whip Appeal (feat. V-Nasty)

14. The Madden Brothers - Firetruck (feat. Kreayshawn & Hollywood Holt)

15. Kraddy vs. Khia vs. Trash Yourself (Mash-up)

16. King Fantastic - Locals Only

17. Wacka Flocka Flame vs. Sleigh Bells vs. SALEM - Fuck the Club Up (Mash-up)

18. The Weeknd - Initiation

Well shit, this is amazing. There’s a download link in the post on the blog as well. 

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Oh boy, I think I’ll change my career if that means I get free chocolate from the families! No one gives chocolates to people who spend hours looking through a microscope :( And yay to the minivacation! Have you put your tree up yet? =)

Haha, it’s not all that great. I run to and from work almost everyday just to cancel it all out. I’m addicted to chocolate, it’s not good. So I have loads of chocs during the day, possibly some mulled wine and then run the 5 miles home, sweating it out all the way. Bleurgh! No my tree is not up yet, my girlfriend has been dying to put it up, but seriously come on, no way, it’s not even December. She’s a big kid! ;) Not for a few weeks I don’t think. It’s not that I’m scrooge - I love xmas as much as the next person - but the more she teases me about putting the decs up ridiculously early, the more I like teasing her back, threatening her with waiting til xmas eve! ;)

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Wavves / Nodding Off (ft. Best Coast)

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Mexico-Cholula (by ROA !)


Mexico-Cholula (by ROA !)

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jbslghsdljgsñldg CHRISTMAS!!! I bet this is gonna be one of your best Christmas ever! :) So happy for yo darling!!!! You should eat something and rest instead of being on tumblr! (I’m not saying you should go, just caring about you) ;)

I’m looking forward to it, it’s going to be a lot of fun. We have a big family xmas planned with my parents, siblings and their partners/families. You’re too sweet, don’t worry I wont starve, just in danger of eating too much crap. Patients’ families always bring in boxes of chocolates so they’re always lying open, and I’m telling you I can’t pass an open box of chocolates. I’ll eat a salad later to negate the damage ;)

(No rest for me tonight, here til the morning, at the earliest. But then I don’t have to be in until Wednesday, so mini holiday for me. Yay!) 

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california sucks! don’t go!

Come on! Who are you going to trust?! The one that lives and works in California, or the one who lives and works a million miles away and has no clue about anything out there? Puhlease.

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good to hear! i’m actually debating on whether to move or not, so new york is stressful right now! trying to decide between going cheaper in the bronx or taking the plunge and going to cali. decisions, decisions man! how’s life across the pond?

Wow, so jealous. Take me with you!! Nice headache to have tho, no? NY or California. I think you should take the plunge, you can always go back to NY if you don’t like it. Recently I’ve come to the realisation that you’ve just got to take the opportunities when they come along… you never know when they’re going to come again. Good luck tho babe, sure you’ll have a blast whatever and wherever. Mulled wine is keeping me going in the cold here…there’s a street vendor guy that sells it just outside the hospital - lethal! :)

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75percentmajority-deactivated20 asked: "shattered"?!?!?!?! i'm sorry to hear. virtual hug from across the pond.

Oh, that’s our more dramatic way of saying tired. But I am very tired, shattered, knackered, call it what you will…. so thanks for the virtual hug! :)

Not that this is interesting, but I’m eating pumpkin pie. One of the nurses on my team is American and came in with a massive pie for us today, so currently demolishing it. Yum! :)

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MJ was great but even he needed a little inspiration from the masters.  EVERYTHING IS BORROWED.  Annie are you okay? Yes she is okay and Annie is Cyd IMO.  

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